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Entrepreneurship Life Skills for Visible Impact

Everything that we become in our life and everything that we create is based on how we define ourselves and what we believe is possible. How we choose to define ourselves is what creates our choices, and in turn our choices create our reality. When the definition of our Self stems from what we truly value in ourselves, we build a life from choices that support and reinforce these values.

Language Your Life®

In the Language Your Life® series, students explore the influence of their words and learn to shift their language into an empowering and valuable tool. They gain self-awareness, and discover how to create clear and cooperative communication both verbally and physically through their body language.

Visualization Technology®

Visualization Technology® is a systematic self-awareness tool where students will learn to utilize their imagination to create new beliefs and update old ones that no longer serve them constructively. It is a productive way for them to play out scenes while staying anchored in their core values, no matter how another person treats them.

Relationship Architecture

When youth can identify healthy peer relationships, they can increase their success in many ways, including conflict management. This enables them to improve concentration in school because eliminating unhealthy interactions with others makes them more resilient and optimistic.

VISIBLE Workshops

VISIBLE unites youth through Positive Core Character Values instead of separating them because of racial, economic, or social environments.

With their core values as the foundation on which they make choices, they can learn how to create win-win outcomes. They begin to utilize each other’s strengths to collaborate as a team instead of competing based on insecurity.


Why is VISIBLE defined as Entrepreneurship Life Skills?


Entrepreneurs have certain characteristics and skills that build a solid foundation for healthy wellbeing. VISIBLE instills these same traits in young people to set them up for success. Entrepreneurial success is not just creating a business; it can be in sports, in the arts, or in any dream one may have. Entrepreneurs’ success is based on developing what they are passionate about and executing this. When people stay committed to what they deeply care about, they have a great chance to succeed. When youth identify what they love about themselves and match this with a passion or skill, there are many opportunities created for them. They are motivated to succeed. The ‘Movie’ they play out and strengthen for themselves is one filled with opportunity because they feel they have hope thanks to how they value themselves.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”
—Muhammad Ali