Uniting Youth Through Positive Core Values


Entrepreneurship Life Skills for Visible Impact

VISIBLE unites youth through positive core character values instead of separating them because of racial, economic, or social environments.

With their core values as the foundation on which they make choices, they can learn how to create win-win outcomes. They begin to utilize each other’s strengths to collaborate as a team instead of competing based on insecurity.

Language Your Life®

In the Language Your Life® series, the students explore the influence of their words and learn to shift their language into an empowering and valuable tool.

Visualization Technology®

Visualization Technology® is a systematic self-awareness tool where students will learn to utilize their imagination to create new beliefs and update old ones that no longer serve them constructively.

Relationship Architecture

Relationship Architecture teaches youths to identify healthy peer relationships, which increases their success and their ability to manage conflict with their peers.

A Visible Youth


VISIBLE understands the limitations that students may have with financial and social environments. They may be limited on some level by these circumstances, but these limitations do not have to impede their success.

The traditional approach lies in how many professionals and the mass media contribute to the portrayal of adolescents as “inevitable problems” that simply need to be fixed. Specific evidence of this “problem-centered” model is present across professional fields that deal with young people. Many connections can also be made to the current U.S. criminal justice model that favors punishment over prevention or proactive stimulation of their strengths.

VISIBLE recognizes this familiar approach to unhealthy behaviors and corrects it by incorporating a young person’s accountability and knowledge that their identity is based on positive core values. VISIBLE teaches accountability and opportunity based on this identity. Therefore, our students know they created their own consequences, and the blame on society or others is removed from the equation.

When one is focused on their best values as the visible aspect of who they are, they are naturally empowered to exhibit these qualities as their behaviors and habits.

Anne Louise ``Missy`` Carricarte

“I am passionate about the issues our youths are facing today. Having raised teenagers, I started with a pure determination to create courses with solutions. I asked myself what would shift them from having low self-esteem, from being bullied or bullying, from unhealthy peer-pressure, from feeling their dreams have no hope, from anxiety, defensive behaviors, and a lack of honoring their decisions to being VISIBLE to the positive strengths they embody.”

VISIBLE unites youths through positive core character values verses separating them because of race, economic, social environments.  With their core values as the foundation in which they make choices, they can learn how to create win-win outcomes. Utilizing each other’s strengths as collaboration in a team instead of competing based on insecurity.

Creating the VISIBLE Program

girl-tabletMotivation for the development of these programs arose as a response to create a productive approach for the changes that occur during adolescent years and the rise of important public health and social challenges our youth may face.

Many youth from challenging environments are labeled as problems or at-risk youth. This labels them and makes it difficult for them to be able to outgrow their circumstances in the future. They can begin to identify with the labels placed on them, versus transcending them. This label hinders their ability to resolve their challenges and how to engage youth with their true capacities.

Instead of the label, VISIBLE educates them to identify their capacity and their development potential through knowing how to value themselves. This is a solid and enduring life skill.

VISIBLE also incentivizes positive development through students positive core values and teaches them the skills that foster this. Character strength can support the likelihood of avoiding risky behavior and the ease of a healthy transition into adulthood.