VISIBLE in West Miami Middle School

VISIBLE will be making its way into West Miami Middle School. We are launching our workshop programs with the 6th grade class of 220 students during the  2016-2017 school year. Everything that we become in life and everything that we create is based on how we define ourselves and what we believe is possible. How we choose to define ourselves is what creates our choices, which in turn create our…

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Non-Negotiable Positive Core Values

This is one example of how we explore Non-Negotiable Positive Core Values. I share with the students that they have a chance to be invisible. They are invisible looking at themselves; it is so much fun to watch yourself. Let’s say that you step outside of you and are able to watch what you do and how you act. How would you answer these questions knowing there is no judgment,…

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Sample Exercises

Exercise – Releasing Blame, Fear and Anxiety Liberation Exercise: Let go of Grudges. Release fear, blame, and resentment and replace them with optimism. Embrace the Power of Forgiveness. Exercise – Introducing ‘Loving the Pursuit of the Successful You’ Write down what you love most about school. List personal goals – school, social, family expectations and your match. Clay Exercise: Remember, you mold your experiences, yourself, and your future. Exercise – Introducing ‘Freak Out Philosophy’…

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