Visualization Technology®

Incorporating Non-Negotiable Core Values to Make Positive Choices

Visualization Technology®

Visualization Technology® is a systematic self-awareness tool where students will learn to utilize their imagination to create new beliefs and update old ones that no longer serve them. It is a productive way for them to play out scenes while staying anchored in their core values, no matter how another treats them.

They will embody that their personal values are non-negotiable, and they will reinforce this by visualizing it as their “Movie”. They will ‘play’ out feeling more self-acceptance and let go of self-sabotaging behaviors. They will gain security that it is much easier to be their own definition of Self than someone else’s definition.

Visualization Technology offers a profound understanding of the students’ belief of who they are and their feelings as the driving component of their choices. They become aware that they are always using their imagination to create and now they will be mindful to use this tool consciously.

Using 'The Movie'

Visualization Technology has several techniques, and one of them is ‘The Movie.’ When learning ‘The Movie’ the students use their imagination to observe their life as a movie. In this space they feel empowered as the director and writer of their script.

visible-squareWhen they play with witnessing their life as a movie, it is like a meditation where time stops. They play with possibilities to have clarity about their choices and what they can expect from them. This creates comfort, privacy for their feelings, and self-awareness. When creating in their ‘Movie’ they have the ability to feel what it is like to shift the image of themselves and their behaviors. They can play with different scenes and outcomes, and we communicate about how they felt in each scene they create.

Most importantly, when they are in their imagining experience they bring together their support and what they value in themselves. We encourage humor and enthusiasm as they write their scripts. They have fun; life is heavy enough.

They also learn to go back into their ‘Movie’ if they feel they would like to have a different experience and to rewrite that scene. They adjust their language and choices to create the experience they would like to have. They are empowered and feel they have control of their life. They are able to change the channel, edit the past, play with present situations with good choices, and imagine their future in a way that serves their Positive Non-Negotiable Core Values.

The more they practice using this Visualization Technology the more they begin to believe that good things are possible with good choices. They dream good dreams. They start to witness ‘their Movie’ playing as a VISIBLE experience in their life. With Visualization Technology® and the use of Emotional Imagination® and Language Your Life® the students have a complete toolbox for success.

The Super-Hero Movie

Sometimes we play and create a ‘Movie’ where the students become a super hero and name their magical power. Their magical powers become activated when they use their positive core values. However, in order for their magical powers to activate, there are agreements they must accept and follow. These include:

  • You can no longer blame anyone. This includes but is not limited to loved ones, parents, society, or circumstance.
  • You must take responsibility for your choices.
  • You are responsible for your actions towards others.
  • Life circumstances or your past do not dictate your future, and you accept that you have control of this with the way you imagine your future.
  • You take accountability for your life being based on your choice of what you believe about your Self and what you believe you can expect from this world.
  • You can create your life as a reflection of a dream or a nightmare, based on your choices.
  • You have the power to say ‘NO’ and the power to do what is right.

You are the Director

You and only you write your script. Only you can edit your script. Only you know what ‘Movie’ is right for you. When you allow another to write your script, you lose your editing rights and you lose the flow of living as your authentic Self.

What do you believe? What is your belief system? Your beliefs and your imagination are what create the plot. Knowing what it feels like creates your ‘Movie,’ and then you play; play in your imagination like you used to as a child. Whether it was imagining being a famous baseball player or a movie star or living in a certain place, playing in your imagination is not just for children – it is a brilliant way to succeed.

Witness the world as the entertainment you are plugged into. Words can either create or limit. You create one experience; you can create another. Witness the world you have created.

Believe in your prayers. Believe that your desires are heard. Believe that there are those who want the best for you. Believe in You. Believe in Love.

Stage Your Day

Stage Your Day Technique is a practice that supports you to set your intention before you start your day. By imagining your day before it happens and playing with the emotions you wish to feel that day, you are setting your emotional stage.

When you play out scenes in your ‘Movie,’ you are looking at options and making choices. With Stage Your Day, you are setting your day with the emotional foundation to support your ‘Movie.’

You create your stage with intentions that serve and empower you. You run through your day positively, refusing to give any power to any person, place, thing, condition, or circumstance. You practice this and set this intention to your emotional stage. With this practice you are announcing powerfully that what is to appear in your day must fit these standards.

In this mindful meditation you are projecting what you expect. The more you practice this proactively, the more you will be aware that what you project is what you expect.