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"You are you. 

Not someone else, not your mom or your dad, not your friends, not some person you wish to be, or you wished you were not.


You are a unique being, by being you and not wishing or wanting or thinking or being anyone else, you are at your utmost potential. 


Follow your dreams and go after them by being yourself. Commit yourself to being just the best you can be. You."

(Visible You, Intro.)

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This book is for ‘You’. The ‘You’ that came into this world as a soul, knowing you were perfectly designed to succeed as Your Self. The ‘You’ that existed before anyone imposed outside definitions, biases, or goals that began morphing your perfect design into something that was no longer a true representation of you. 

Visible You is a tool that was created for anyone who wants to tap back into the blueprint of your original design; the design that makes you uniquely YOU.

Whether you wish to live a passionate, conscious life, are a parent or mentor with the responsibility of supporting and strengthening a younger soul, or are that soul who needs to know that it is safe and 'ok' to tap into your true self, this book is here to remind you of the Amazing Soul that you are, and that you are your greatest source of strength.


A Little More About the Book...

Visible You is inspired by a reality where people are more concerned with aligning themselves to their Outer World as opposed to honoring their true self or Inner World. The intention of this book is to serve as a tool to strengthen that Inner World in order for you to find calmness with the things you cannot control and solutions for what you can; ultimately, providing readers with the support to trust themselves and feel grounded while doing so. 


Written in a manner that is simple and clear, from the perspective of two different generations, this book speaks to the various challenges we face throughout life and offers exercises to be able to maneuver them. Readers are provided with uplifting and straightforward tools that will help guide them on their individual journey of self-discovery.


Visible You is the first of its kind, encouraging you to unpack what it means to use your feelings as your personal “GPS” and truly lean into embracing your unique light and power. Using results-driven techniques, this book is a practical guide for those who wish to live their lives consciously and passionately. Humans of all ages are invited to go on a guided journey where you will be encouraged to reflect on your entire being and put forth the effort to know the real fulfillment of your heart’s desires.


Authors Anne Louise and Sophia establish that building a foundation on what you value about yourself and making those qualities non-negotiable is your life’s security. Making choices from your non-negotiable values is the best assurance you have to secure your dreams as you honor yourself and those around you.

'To Note'

Visible You is an amalgamation of the wisdom Anne Louise shares in her bestselling book, Power Wishing, the lessons she has passed down to her daughter, and the teachable content Sophia has created and continues to disseminate in her own life and work.

Together, as mother and daughter duo, Anne Louise and Sophia have created curricula that can be found in both the inner-city and Miami-Dade Public School systems as part of teacher professional development activities and as a supplement to the social-emotional curriculum that brings awareness to today’s issues in a way that is proactive, approachable and relatable. 


Anne Louise Carricarte is a celebrated inspirational educator and successful entrepreneur from Miami, FL. Anne Louise is a visionary leader with layered expertise in religion, spirituality, metaphysics, and the psychology of human behavior and relationships. She has studied the field for more than 35 years, delivering lectures and workshops since she was 17 years old.

Sophia Kardonski is a brand consultant, producer, and entrepreneur. She lived in London for five years where she most recently graduated from Le Cordon Bleu after completing her BA degree in Art Theory and Curation at Central Saint Martins. She is also the founder of The Love You, an alternative gallery space representing young, emerging, contemporary artists and creatives.

"Remember, you will be with yourself for your whole life. Be the best expression of yourself now and build from this to empower the rest of your journey."


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