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Non-Negotiable Positive Core Values

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

This is one example of how we explore Non-Negotiable Positive Core Values.

I share with the students that they have a chance to be invisible. They are invisible looking at themselves; it is so much fun to watch yourself. Let’s say that you step outside of you and are able to watch what you do and how you act.

How would you answer these questions knowing there is no judgment, just you watching you? Only you will know the answers to these questions. This requires you to pretend you can go back in time. Go back in time to a happy moment, a moment when you felt really good about yourself. Keep daydreaming about this happy time.

What makes you happy here?

What do you like about your Self?

What do you appreciate about your Self?

What do you like about others around you?

We continue these questions and ask students what they value about how they felt and about others. Then they begin to name what characteristics about themselves feel good. We play with some more questions and then start to create their Non-Negotiable Positive Core Values; this also leads them to identify values in others that feel good.

They begin to value their values. They name them. Own them! These values are non-negotiable, and we tell them that regardless of what happens around them, they own this as their identity. We share stories of others that live by their values and create a point of reference outside of themselves to reinforce this.

Then we work on infusing these values in their ‘Movie.’ They begin to visualize how to make choices to honor their personal core values under any circumstances. Their values are their supporting role in every scene.

What they love about their Self is non-negotiable.

They learn skills they can trust that can create a world of their dreams based on the identity they own for themselves.

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