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VISIBLE in West Miami Middle School

VISIBLE will be making its way into West Miami Middle School. We are launching our workshop programs with the 6th grade class of 220 students during the  2016-2017 school year.

Everything that we become in life and everything that we create is based on how we define ourselves and what we believe is possible. How we choose to define ourselves is what creates our choices, which in turn create our lives. When our definition of our self stems from what we truly value in ourselves, we build a life from choices that support and reinforce these values. Therefore, our life is built from the positive principles visible from within which create the world that is a visible match to this, and these positive principles develop from our early childhood through to our college years.

The Changing Focus in Middle School

– Orientation towards peer group solidifies

– Sense of self versus other and what society expects

– Gender roles pressured and pushed, experimentation of roles begins

– Age of onset for most mental health disorders (especially mood disorders such as depression and anxiety).

– Reasons include changes in the brain, hormonal changes of puberty, etc.

– At this time through college issues include tunnel vision, lack of life experience, “all or nothing” mentality, lack of power in decision making, etc.

– Predominant issues include- peer influences, bullying, cyber issues (online bullying, sexting, etc), common time of onset of mental health issues, school pressures, navigating social influences, body image issues arise along with changes in body

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