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Sample Exercises

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Exercise – Releasing Blame, Fear and Anxiety

Liberation Exercise: Let go of Grudges. Release fear, blame, and resentment and replace them with optimism. Embrace the Power of Forgiveness.

Exercise – Introducing ‘Loving the Pursuit of the Successful You’

Write down what you love most about school. List personal goals – school, social, family expectations and your match. Clay Exercise: Remember, you mold your experiences, yourself, and your future.

Exercise – Introducing ‘Freak Out Philosophy’

Identify self-sabotaging behaviors. When do you freak out (get nervous, anxious, feel bad about yourself)? Identify what leads to “Freak Out.” How do you act when you feel this way? Learn to shift from “Freak Out” to being in control of your choices. Plug in core values as the support for being empowered to make a good choice. “Master Venter” Exercise: Learn how to release your frustration without harming yourself or others.

Exercise – Well-Being and Support

Identify where you are going for your emotional, physical, and spiritual support. Connect your Mind, Body, and Soul by giving back, mentoring others, and supporting your team.

Exercise – Reflection

List 10 positive things that have happened in your life. List 10 things you would define as negative that have happened in your life. Match your Non-Negotiable Core Values to the positive things that have happened in your life. List attributes of your behavior toward what you defined as a ‘negative’ experience. List how you could shift the ‘negative’ experience if you used your Non-Negotiable Core Values

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